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About Our Services

We provide support services for adults who have a learning disability through both supported living and home care. Whether you or your loved one need support. We can help. You can find more about our services by clicking below.

About Our History

From humble beginnings to preferred providers. Spire (Preston) Ltd have been a provider of high quality learning disability support for over 20 years. You can find more about our history by clicking below.

Meet Our Trustees

Our Trustees help keep us accountable for our actions and are responsible for our charities control and management. You can meet our Trustees by clicking below.

Read Our Values

Our values underpin our very way of working ensuring that we deliver the highest quality of support to the people in our care. More information about our values can be found by clicking below.

Meet Our Office Team

Our office team are there to guide you and our staff through every aspect of the service we provide. We are here for you every minute of every day. Click below to meet our office team.