COVID-19 Update

We are following all of the Government advice in relation to the Covid-19 Virus in order to try and support the people we support and our staff members to stay safe and well.

We are therefore promoting social-distancing, and as such all of our groups and activities will be cancelled until further notice. We know that these will be difficult times for everyone, but particularly for the learning disability community. Our Person Centred Coach Rebecca Rose-Hewitt has devised a list of ideas for things people can do to entertain themselves at home to try and help them manage during this period.

Please click below for our acitivites

We are providing regular updates to the people we support, their families and our staff, however if you are accessing our website and have any questions about the action we are taking or need our advice then we will do our best to help, please email

We have produced an accessible guide as to what steps you can take to keep yourselves safe and well, and prevent the spread of the virus.

Following the recent changes in government advice, we will be closing our Spire led activities until further notice.

We have kept our activities running for as long as we could to ensure stability for the individuals who attend, however our priority is to keep people safe and well, particularly those who attend who have additional health concerns.

We will keep you updated with any changes.

To clarify the following activities will be closed:
– Monday – Art Group and Monday Knights @ Spire Office
– Wednesday – Club 98 @ Glovers Bar
– Thursday – ADA @ St Margaret’s Church
– Friday – Musical Meet @ St Cuthbert’s Church