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Why Work For Spire?
Driving Up Quality


Spire Preston Ltd
Ground Floor, West Wing
Derby House
Lytham Road, Fulwood
Preston, PR2 8JE

T: 01772 524567
E: care@spirepreston.org.uk

Company No. 7370594
Registered Charity No. 1138625


There are many care organisations in the Preston area, so why should you choose us?

We are an established provider of support to adults who have a learning disability in the Preston area. We are one of few family-led not-for-profit organisations in Lancashire, which means the family of the people we support are invited to join the organisation as trustees or members and help run the organisation for the people we support - though that's not to take any of the power away from the people we support. We make decisions based on the wants and needs of the people we support.

We have our own special way of doing things, the Spire way. From the big things down to the little things. You may have noticed a distinct lack of the term 'client', 'customer' or 'service user' from our website. We support people who have a learning disability.

We have no intention of becoming a big organisation - small is good. Small allows us to provide quality support to people we know. Everybody we support knows the people responsible for their support, and we know them.

We received a glowing report from CQC during our last inspection. You can read their report here. You can also read some of the other lovely things people have said about us here.


Here are a few more reasons why we think you should choose us:


- Career Development

At Spire we are keen to develop the careers of our team. After passing your probation period as a support worker you will be enrolled on the NVQ/Diploma in Health & Social Care, totally free of charge.

Over the past few years we have developed ways in which our team members can develop and progress through the organisation. Each member of the management team at Spire started their careers at Spire as a support worker.


- Recruitment and Staff Matching

We speak to the people we support to help us find new people to support them. When recruiting new staff we look at a persons qualities, not qualifications. Our free training can provide the rest.

Once you've passed our interview process you will be asked to attend a meet and greet session to allow the people we support to have their say in who they'd like to support them. It is their support, after all.

We also develop staff matching tools with the people we support to help us choose who works with who, looking at people's qualities, personality and interests to ensure both person we support and support worker get the best out of the support.


- Training and Induction

We provide all members of staff with the training they require to do the job, including safeguarding, first aid, health and safety, fire safety, food hygiene, medication and others. Unlike some organisations we pay our staff to attend training and do not charge them for the courses they attend.

We believe a good induction is vital to the success of a new team member and to continue the quality support we provide. if you were successful you would be given a thorough office based induction followed by a lengthy induction with the people you may be supporting.


- Our Values

We believe very strongly in our values. Our six values are:

Dedicated individualised high quality support.

Enthusiastic and motivated with positive attitudes.

Promoting people’s strengths and creativity.

Always ready and willing to listen and learn.

Demonstrating respect for everyone.

Never compromise our integrity.


- A Good Work/Life Balance

We try our best to ensure that our staff have a good work/life balance. We try to avoid split days off and to give our team members two weekends off per month. We also try our best to accommodate peoples hobbies and activities outside of work and in some cases allow them to combine these activities with work too.


So, how about it?

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